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About 2CHi Entertainment

2CHi Entertainment is an independent company engaged in the development and production of television and motion picture films for theatrical release with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles.


At the core of our business is  the team of Rodrick Wimberly, Vonda Paige, Tressa Epps and Senuwell Smith, who are passionate about the art of story-telling. Together the team brings a combined 60 years of experience and creative expertise in business management, media, entertainment, law, acting, writing, and directing.


Our goal is to make compelling dramas, romantic comedies and ensemble-cast driven stories. Through film, we want to raise the consciousness of the American public about the historical contributions and the imprint of all Americans; and highlight modern-day culture, love and family life.


We plan to produce two films during the next five years with budgets ranging from $3 million to $8 million and launch a television series. We are seeking equity investment in the amount of $5 million to produce the first of those films that will capitalize on the growing interest in family themed films and use the marketing and production strategies that have catapulted small independent films to box office hits and Oscar nominations. 

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